Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A-Z Tag

Salaam alaikum everyone, long time, no write, yes? I bet you're all used to it by now though...

Anyways, I thought I would make another post just because it's been a while. I saw this tag over at sister Yara's blog (go check her out if you haven't already...mash'Allah I love her blog, and her YouTube channel!) and thought I'd give it a go...

Age: 22

Bed Size: Almost a Queen...the mattress sizing here is so weird...

Chore you Hate: It has to be a tie between cleaning the dishes and mopping the floor.

Dogs: I love chows...they look like giant teddy bears :)

Essential start of your day: Something I've been trying to make an essential start of my day would be praying fajr on time. Unfortunately, I'm a bad fajr riser, astighfirallah, but I try :( As of right now, I would have to say kissing my hubby goodbye before he goes off to work.

Favourite Colour: purple

Gold or Silver: I prefer silver

Height: just under 5'5", or 164cm if you want to get exact

Instruments I play: I used to play the cello in elementary school. I gave it up to take more ballet lessons (I was very serious about classical ballet).

Job Title: Muslimah and a house wife...and soon to be...MOMMY insh'Allah :D

Kids: my little boy is due to make his appearance in JULY insh'Allah...I can't wait to meet him!!

Live: Casablanca, Morocco

Mum's name: I don't think she'd appreciate me disclosing her name here, so I'll just say "Mom" or "Mommy"...it depends, I call her both

Nickname: Everyone calls me Ayah here, my husband also has an affectionate name that only he uses with me, but I won't say what it is.

Pet Peeve: when people chew with their mouths open...or when they chomp on their gum obnoxiously...it drives me up the wall!

Quote from a movie: I like movies, but I'm not that into movie quotes.

Right or left handed: Righty

Siblings: one sister, one brother

Time you wake up: it varies...sometimes I'm up at 7:30am for good, and sometimes I just wake up to say goodbye to my husband and continue sleeping until 10 am ish. Most mornings I am up by 11. Yeah...that's all gonna change soon XD

Underwear: umm, I wear it?

Vegetables you dislike: I'm not too fond of steamed zucchini, but I'll still eat it. I'm also not a huge fan of raw tomatoes (even though they're technically a fruit, not a vegetable)...I can't eat them by themselves, they have to be mixed into a salad with some sort of dressing, or on a sandwich. I used to not eat them period.

What makes you run late: if I'm having a bad hijab day...that always makes me run late

X-rays you've had done: my teeth, my chest, my left knee, my right wrist...I've never broken a bone though, alhamdolillah

Yummy food you make: most of what I make is at least edible...but I make really good home-made mashed potatoes from scratch, and I make great spaghetti sauce from scratch too...I'm still getting better at Moroccan cuisine, even though I have tagines down fairly well. If I'm following a recipe, it generally turns out well.

Zoo animal: I like penguins, but you usually find them at aquariums, not zoos. Emus are also pretty cool.