Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Salaam alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh everyone...
...so, I finally did it...
I QUIT MY JOB :D Wait...was it even a job if I wasn't even getting paid for it?
Let this be a lesson to all employers out there...if you want people to work for your company, don't give them B.S. for three months straight and make empty promises, it will only hurt you in the end. And oh yeah, PAYING them would actually be nice too...
Alhamdolillah, I feel like a gigantic weight has been lifted off my chest. Seriously, this whole situation has been putting me in a sour mood for the last three months. Now I can go get a real job I'll actually enjoy doing insh'Allah. At least now I know what to look for and the things I should do before getting too involved in a project here so I and everyone around me don't get royally screwed over again.


  1. Aww, alhamdulillah you feel better! Inshallah now you'll find a good job :)

  2. @amal: Jazak Allah khair ^_^ Yeah, insh'Allah I want to teach English, which was what I was planning on doing in the first place before this whole mess started.

  3. Alhamdullah sister! Im so glad your feeling better and Im really glad you got rid of this unneeded stress :).
    Take care and hope to talk to ya soon

  4. Salaam dear Ayah, hope you're at the best of health and Iman, Well that explains why I didn't see you online for a while...may you get a better job that you'll please & won't feel like a weight on your chest...looking forward to catch up with you soon inshallah.
    Fi amaaniAllah

  5. @Safya: insh'Allah I hope we get to talk soon! I miss you sis!

    @Zaineb: wa alaikum salaam, alahmdolillah I'm doing A LOT better :) Ameen; insh'Allah I hope we can catch eachother online soon!