Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh hi

I'm currently sitting here fighting the urge not to eat all of the chocolate pudding that is sitting in my fridge. MUST. HAVE. SELF CONTROL.


  1. Haha.. I just ate chocolate pudding.. :) I don't have much self control these days. :) How are you and the kitties?

  2. @Daisy: your chocolate pudding didn't happen to be Danette brand did it? You totally have an excuse not to have self control, little one does have to eat after all ^_~ Unfortunately, I can't quite use that excuse yet when hubby comes home and finds all of the chocolate pudding gone...he doesn't buy Nutella any more because it's usually gone within a week, hehehe :P
    Unfortunately I'm no longer a mommy to my kitties T_T Hubby and I started having moderate to severe allergic reactions to them (so so so sad! I knew before that I was mildly allergic to kitties, but I didn't really think it was going to be a problem, because it was never an issue when I was living with my parents...I guess having two cats in a big house and having them in a small apartment are two different things) We suffered through our allergies up until about a month ago, when my hubby decided that we needed to give them a new home, because it just wasn't working out. I was so completely heart broken, but I think they're happier with the family they're with now because now they have much more space (they have a villa), and a private walled-in garden, and two very nice children to play with them. I miss them so much...but at the same time, both my husband and I are physically much better :(