Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Salaam alaikum everyone! Insh'Allah you're all doing well and are in the best of health and iman. First off, I want to say thank you to all of my new readers! Insh'Allah you won't all be bored to death of my blog...seeing as I don't really post anything of much substance on here lol :P I keep saying I'm going to change that, but it doesn't really happen.

Anyways, I did have a semi-interesting post planned, seeing as I was at a wedding last week, and I was going to share some nice pictures with y'all...however, I've discovered that my USB cable to transfer pictures from my camera to my laptop got destroyed a while ago by little kitten teeth (fyi: I had to give my kitties away to another family after Ramadan because of allergy issues my husband and myself were having...I still miss them so much...but I'm happy that my hubby and I are no longer suffering), so alas no photos until I can get another USB cable, which might be a while...so, boo.

As for me...I've had a serious lack of energy as of late...so just trying to keep the house clean and organized requires a nap afterwards. LOL that sounds so pathetic!

So, I'll try to post some interesting/thoughtful things, but alas I can't really promise all that much.

P.S. Does anybody have any suggestions for good Islamic lectures to watch? I feel like I have been seriously slacking astighfirallah (partially due to my low energy level and feeling crummy for most of the day...but enough with the excuses), and I'd really like to make an effort to get back on track.


  1. Sallam Allsykum,
    I wasnt sure how to reach you because my old phone died but I will be in casa this afternoon if you get this, maybe we can hang out :-)

  2. wa alaikum salaam,
    I hope you're still hereeeeeeeee! Dude, I've been trying to call you for the past month and a half...no wonder it didn't work :P I hope I get to see you/you read this, I've misssssed you!!!! Should I poke my hubby to call your hubby's phone???

  3. oh no!! we missed eachother! well, I will send you an email with my number and we can still talk. :-)

  4. Salamo Alykom,