Monday, February 7, 2011

Doctors in Morocco: My Experience

Salaam alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh everyone!

Insh'Allah you're all in the best of health and the highest of iman ^_^

I appologize for going a week without posting, but last week my mind was kind of all over the place. I had to go to the doctor last Thursday because I hadn't been feeling so hot...including nausea and migraine headaches...ugg...I had one that was so bad Wednesday night I was convinced that my head was going to split poor husband and I didn't get much sleep :(

So I went to the doctor, and alhamdolillah it wasn't really anything serious, I just had an old infection that I was begining to get over anyways, but she put me on antibiotics just to speed up the healing process inshallah. Mash'Allah she was really nice...she's an older German lady, and I was happy to know that she could speak English. I still don't know what's been causing the nausea and migraines (she couldn't fully examine me...she just did the basics); she said I should go to a specialist to get further examined because she didn't have the necessary tools in her office. Lol when my husband heard this he asked, "is it really necessary for you to go to a specialist? That's always what private doctors say! It's so that they can get more money from referrals, that's all they want! On the other hand...if you had gone to see a public doctor, even if there was something seriously wrong with you, they'd tell you that you're perfectly fine...that's why I HATE doctors here!" I should mention that this is just my husband's opinion, and might not actually be the husband has had a few bad experiences with doctors here before...and that's why he generally tries to avoid them like the plague. I had to explain to him exactly WHY I need to go to said specialist, because they have to do x,y and z...and alhamdolillah he understood that it was a legitimate need and not just a way for the doctor to make money. So, I'll be going to the specialist sometime next week and hopefully insh'Allah everything will go well, and there won't be any problems. Hahaha I should also add that I got weighed at the doctors...I've gained 15 pounds since I came here, and I'm the heaviest I've ever been...perhaps I should ease up a bit on the delicious food/try to get more exercise :P (the weird thing is that all my clothes still fit...strange...well, I guess that's the danger of elasticized waists and wearing pj pants almost 100% of the can't really tell when you've gained weight until it's way too much).

Also, the picture doesn't really have to do anything with the post, but it's my wedding henna. One of my husband's aunts is rather artistic and she did it for me, isn't it pretty, mash'Allah?


  1. Well I totally agree with the perception about doctors in the public sector. That's atleast how it is here in Pakistan, alas!!

  2. Aww, alhamdulillah you're feeling better :) & nice henna!

  3. Inshallah it's nothing serious...hmmm, pregnant?? ;)

  4. @Junaid Shahid: it stinks that people need to pay more just to get proper medical care :/

    @Amal: thanks sis, and alhamdolillah I'm really glad that I haven't had any migraines since...oof that last one was positively horrid!

    @Yara: insh'Allah...and it's funny that you mentioned pregnancy...for about a week I had everyone convinced (including myself and dh) that I was pregnant, but it turns out it wasn't the case...I had mentioned it to the doctor, and she said she was 99.9% sure I was not pregnant after she examined me lol

  5. Just visited your blog and love it!! Following you!! BTW your henna is amazing !!!

    New post on my blog, on how to wear animal print item. Take a look & tell me your opinion!

    Big kiss from Agadir Morocco


  6. @Lamia: Thank you so much for stopping by and following, it makes me happy to have readers from Morocco! Insh'Allah I'll be sure to check out your blog as well. Big hugs from Casa sis ^_^