Friday, September 2, 2011

Eid Mubarak! (Late

Salaam alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh...

...surprise surprise, I'm late again, but I just wanted to say Eid mubarak (or as they say it here, mabrook l'Eid) to all of my sisters and brothers around the world! Insh'Allah everyone enjoyed their Eid!

Eid was Wednesday for us here in the maghreb (the land of one day delay lol)...and to be quite honest...Eid for me was kind of cruddy unfortunately :( Honestly, the highlight for me was getting to wear my new djellaba (the very first for me to own!). Lol, call me shallow or whatever you want...but there's always something so refreshing about putting on new clothes :)

So, what made my Eid so cruddy, you might ask? (warning: if you're someone who doesn't like reading complaints...please just skip over the list)

1. I couldn't pray Eid prayer...and therefore was kept from going to the mosque (not by my husband, mind you, because he was at work...more on that later...but by his family). I didn't want to actually go IN the prayer area...because you're not supposed to do that when you can't pray...but ladies are still obligated to go to the mosque on Eid, regardless of whether or not they're menstruating. This was the first Eid I couldn't pray, so I don't really know how it technically works, but when I went for Eid al Adha prayer last year, I saw that the ladies who couldn't pray just sat outside the prayer area on the steps, so I figured I'd just do the same. Not the case. All of my female in-laws were like "no, you're on your period, you can't go!" So...that kind of soured my mood right from the start.

2. My husband worked the night shift the night before...and didn't get home until 11 am because the person who was taking over for him showed up late (which my husband had okay-ed, because the guy has young children and he wanted to have some time to spend with his family in the morning...understandable) However...I was just shocked that some people are still required to work here on Eid. Anyways, that meant that my husband pretty much slept all day when he got home (again, understandable...he was up all night working), and by the time he woke up, there were only about three hours left before he had to leave to go to work again (but he was really nice and made a point to spend some time talking to me during those three hours <3). So, I didn't really get to see my husband that much on Eid. Again, say what you want, but I don't like when I barely get to spend any time with my hubby all day, especially when it's on Eid :'(

3. I spent a considerable amount of my day at one of my hubby's great aunts' apartment because she had invited a lot of people over for Eid. Her husband (also one of my husband's great uncles) died the second week of Ramadan (inna lilahi wa inna ilahi raji'un) the atmosphere was understandably a bit depressing. I don't mind visiting my husband's family; it's actually nice to see people, especially people that you haven't seen in a while (which means in a couple weeks/months by my husband's family's standards). I just don't like spending the majority of the day there, because that inevitably means that I am stuck in a room full of women who I only half-understand (if even) what they're talking about...and most of it is talking about what happened/is happening to so-and-so in the family...not exactly what you'd call scintillating conversation (okay, again, call me whatever, but I just don't find it interesting). So, what I end up doing is sitting there for hours on end just staring at the wall, or the floor. Yeah. Fun.

So yes...that is why I didn't really enjoy my Eid. I really hope that insh'Allah everyone else had a better experience. What did you do for Eid?


  1. Aww, I'm sorry your Eid sucked :-/ I didn't get to pray or any of that either. I just ended up going to the mall (which was superrr busy) and trying to find a restaurant that didn't have like an hour waiting list :p

  2. @ Amal: it sounds like you didn't have the most wonderful Eid either *hugs* Before last Eid al fitr, Eids were never really that special for me either. I guess the problem was that I was expecting too much. I spent Eid al adha here last year (a few weeks after I got here), and it was a much better experience, alhamdolillah. Apparently Eid al adha is much more of a celebration here in Morocco. I guess I'll just have something to look forward to in the next couple of months.

  3. happy and Mubarak belated eid ! =-). it's quite normal sometimes that the eid days become so boring or so much "compliments". simply because there are sometimes so much family visits you attend to and so many salams you have to make! but once you're alone with closed family and you free to talk freely and eat, it is more delighted. but generally the eid's atmosphere is delightful and elating even if you have to spend it alone. my eid was great unlike the last year (last year was a little sad because my uncle died in the 16th day of Ramadan ) although i kept awake the night before eid i could barely made it to eid's morning,i spent great time with family alhamdulilah,i fired fireworks, ignited the eid's cake then ate it :D , took some family videos and pics (i really would like to show you some videos on YouTube but i am scared they could leak to unwanted viewer ) by the time passed to 12 pm, i was almost out and staggering from tiredness !! :D so i went to sleep, but it was great day though i slept half of it .

  4. @tedua: Wow, it sound's like your Eid was amazing, mash'Allah! I'm really glad you got to enjoy your Eid :) I'd love to see some of the videos you took, but I agree that YouTube is not the safest place in the world to share personal to play it safe, especially when it comes to your family ;)