Friday, April 1, 2011

Du'ah Request

Salaam alaikum everyone, jummah mubarak, "happy Friday"! Insh'Allah you are all in the best of health and the highest of iman today. Okay, I am going to try to keep this post short and to the point, as I don't think many of you appreciate the long novels I usually leave in your dashboard inbox, hehe :P I am here to humbly request that you please make du'ah for two people (one of whom is myself): 1. Most importantly, please keep my husband's cousin Imane in your du'ah. She has been really sick for the past two weeks. Yesterday she had blood work done to rule out anything serious (they're thinking that she might have diabetes). They will have the test results later today, insh'Allah. May Allah(swt) grant her shifaa (good health), ameen. Insh'Allah it's not anything serious. 2. This is my second day interviewing at a job for a Canadian company as a call center operative. After completeing training, insh'Allah I might have an opportunity to work for them from home. I still have to complete the interviewing/training period to see if they decide that they want to keep me. Please make du'ah that I get the job, if it is something that is good for both me and my religion. At the very least, insh'Allah please keep Imane in your du'ahs, we are all concerned about her.


  1. My duas are with you and your family. Good luck with the job....let me know how it goes for you. If you could point me in the direction of something like that I would appreciate it forever!! lol I was going to ask you, how do you like Morocco? This is some place I would love to visit.

  2. @Daisy:
    Jazak Allah khair for your du'ahs. Alhamdolillah the test results came back, and it's not diabetes, as they originally expected. She had an extremely low iron count, and has been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia. Alhamdolillah insh'Allah she'll be able to get it under control with the strong suppliments that they gave her.
    As for the job, unfortunately the call center posted a very misleading add :( I found out today that in fact I would NOT be able to work from home, as they had falsely stated in the add. I also noticed that the call center generally seemed to be very disorganized...many of the people in charge didn't even know how to work the software program they were attempting to teach us how to their internet connection isn't reliable...after three hours waiting for them to figure out how to use the darn conferencing software in a sweltering, tobacco-smoke filled room (and they refused to open any windows!) I decided that I had enough, and will not be returning for training on Monday.
    I don't know it you are familiar with it, but try searching on They frequently post a wide variety of job opportunities throughout the middle east, mostly geared towards English-speaking expats. I think that insh'Allah there would be more "work at home" opportunities for you in Bahrain, or maybe even for a Saudi or Emirati company, than there are for me in Morocco. I might be mistaken, but it's a lot more common for women to work from the household over there had been a lot of "europeanization" in many of the job fields, and women who work are generally very pressured to become the stereotypical Western "career woman"...short skirt suit, revealing blouse and everything, astighfirallah.
    I would love to do an upcoming post on my favorite things about Morocco...long story short, it's a great place to visit, the people are unbelievably friendly and hospitable, I'd especially reccommend the Marrakesh and Ouarzazate area (although it's best to come around late fall/winter/early spring...I've been told that it becomes swelteringly hot and humid during the summer unless you're in the Atlas mountains region)
    Sorry for the book!

  3. Assalaam alaikum sister,, inshallah u'll be in my Du'a may Allah grant your husband's cousin Shifa'a and grant you the job that you please, inshallah Ameen.

    I'd really love to get in contanct with you sister, perhaps you may message me your email through the contact form on my blog or something?

    I also live in morocco and would love you to have a visit at some northern cities, things are pretty different around here, I think.

    anyways t'care, looking forward to reading you Inshallah. Fi amaaniAllah :)