Thursday, April 7, 2011


Salaam alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh everybody, insh'Allah you're all in the best of health and the highest of iman today ^_^

So, I came across the videos of a young Egyptian sister today, and all I have to say is MASH'ALLAH! Here's the latest video she's made about the topic of salaat (prayer), you should definitely watch it! In the video, she is speaking in Arabic, but there are English subtitles:

MASH'ALLAH! Did I forget to mention that she's only 9? It's inspirational to see such young brothers and sisters sending messages like this, may Allah(swt) bless and protect her, and may He reward her immensely for her efforts, ameen!

I hope that Allah(swt) blesses me with healthy pious children, and that He gives me the strength and wisdom to be able to raise them well within our beautiful religion of Islam.

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