Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TAG: My Favorites

Salaam alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh everyone, insh'Allah you're all in the best of health and the highest of iman ^_^
Alhamdolillah my stomach has been feeling better since taking the medication and altering my diet...insh'Allah it'll be 100% healed soon, because ulcers aren't that fun :(
Anyways, I saw this over at Elisa's blog "Before Sunrise" and thought it would be fun to do ^_^
My Favorite:
1. FOOD: Salmon! I miss eating it so much...over here in Morocco it's kind of out of our price range :( Couscous is also delicious.
2. COLOR: PURPLE. Hands down.
3. ANIMAL: CATS. Again, no question there ^_^
4. SPORT: Karate...I'm a second degree blackbelt! :P
5. DESSERT: Mango gelatto
6. SHOES: Bilgha...they're traditional Moroccan slippers and I love them!
7. OUTFIT: My slim-sleeved, super A-line cut abaya made from saloona crepe that I got from a sister while she was living in Saudi paired with a large colored/printed scarf. Also, pyjamas for wearing underneath and inside the house XD
8. BRAND: Pshhht, brands are overrated. If I see something I like that's not too expensive, I buy it regardless of what it does or doesn't say on the tag.
9. PERFUME: Anything by Escada...stupid me I left both of my nice Escada perfumes at my parents' house...oh well, they were almost empty anyways lol (and just a side note ladies...perfume around non-mahrams is a no-no!)
10. ACCESSORY: Gotta have my earings! I have four piercings in each of my ears...oh, and I had them all before I was 15...my parents were very lenient with ear piercings...my Mommy has double piercings in each of her ears <3 And no...I never got anything else pierced...although I did want a nose piercing and an eyebrow piercing once upon a time...but I grew out of that wish before I turned 18 :P
11. CITY: This is difficult to say...I really don't have one. I like my hometown for obvious reasons, I like Casa, where I am now...I also like Washington D.C. because of all the awesome museums, monuments, and restaurants!
12. HOBBY: I enjoy knitting and sewing...but I haven't done either in forever! So, I guess stalking people online will have to suffice for now...(JK PEOPLE, JK!)
13. BEAUTY PRODUCT: I'm going to have to say it's a tie between lip balm and talcum powder...lol yeah I'm really boring when it comes to beauty products...Ayah doesn't wear makeup, even for hubby (hubby doesn't like it anyways) :P
14. SNACK: I like slicing up a cucumber and putting some vinegar on it and eating that as a snack (can't do that anymore now though because of the ulcers, boo!)...it reminds me a bit of eating salt and vinegar chips, which I used to be addicted to. I also really liked mochi ice cream when I was living in the U.S., but they don't have it here in Maroc :(
15. HOLIDAY: Ramadan...I look forward to it every year, alhamdolillah, especially this year! FYI everyone, only about 3 MONTHS UNTIL RAMADAN STARTS! :D
16. MOVIE: It's a three way tie between Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro
17. SONG: Mountains of Mecca by Zain Bhikha
18. GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching America's Next Top Model and Project Runway...I'm still annoyed that Mondo didn't win last season >:(
Anyways, I'm too lazy to actually tag people...so if you read this, and you feel like doing it, consider yourself TAGGED!


  1. Allah ychafeek ameen ya ra ba al3alameen !!!!
    Very nice to know more about you !!!

  2. :) I had a pair of pretty green titanite gem earings,left them in the bathroom once and my kiddo had fun throwing them down the sink ^_^
    I used to love america's next top model and project runway! I wish i could make my own clothes :p