Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Updates, I Guess...

Salaam alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh everyone, insh'Allah everyone's well and in good health with high iman.

I haven't posted in a a week and a half...I haven't really had all that much to write about/I've had horrible brain drain/I haven't felt motivated to write anything meaningful, even though I do have lots of ideas floating around my head for posts and videos/my internet connection ran out for the month almost a week ago, and my husband decided to charge the modem for yesterday and today only until he gets paid I've been internetless for a bit...yes, I did in fact go through a bit of withdrawl...yes, I know it's bad.

Anyways, since my brain is not really working all too well now, it's time for a list :P

1. The kittehs are doing very well, alhamdolillah. We've had to leave them by themselves for a day or two while staying with the in-laws. They are extremely attatched to me (and my husband, but mostly to me because I'm the one who's there with them all day giving them food, playing with them, and cleaning their litter box), so they weren't very happy that they had to be all alone. Anyways, they're getting bigger and fuzzier, and their whiskers are coming in. They're still hyper as ever...and they've now discovered how to jump onto chairs...and how to climb myself and my husband like trees (OWWWW...I'm going to have to trim their claws soon!)

2. My stomach has gotten MUCH better alhamdolillah! It's still not 100%, but at least I've finished all of my medication and some of the dietary restrictions have been lifted (yay mild spice (cumin) and citrus in moderation! Still no hot peppers or harissa for me for a while lol, but alhamdolillah now my food actually has some flavor to it!). Also, alhamdolillah since I've made an effort to wear my glasses more often (computer and television) my migraine occurances have been reduced quite a bit (I've only had two since I went to the doctors...okay that might sound like a lot to some people, but really it's an improvement...I think a certain other medicine that I've been taking that I'm going to stop soon insh'Allah (only about a week to go!) has been aggrivating them because I never used to get migraines this often)

3. I think I've lost some weight alhamdolillah! I'm not completely sure because I don't have a scale...but I do have a tape measure and my waist has gotten a bit I'm guessing a kg or two maybe? Insh'Allah I'm going to continue to try to get in better shape. It's a bit hard when I don't have a treadmill or an exercise bike, or an eliptical...because those are so easy to use...I guess I can try aeorobics or yoga or pilates or least I'll be alone in my own home so there won't be anyone to gawk at me...and at least the appartment under us is empty so they won't be able to hear my crazed attempts at exercising through their ceiling.

4. I might have a job, insh'Allah! This is the work at home job with a telecom company in Canada I've been following through with for pretty much the last month and a half maybe...yes the recruiting company in Morocco is quite unreliable and frustrating at times, but it is a legit offer alhamdolillah...and the best part about it is that I'll be able to work from home. I'll have a decent salary, and I won't have to keep bugging my husband for money insh'Allah (I know that it's his Islamic duty to provide for me, but really...I HATE asking for money for little things I want that I don't necessarily need...) This also means money I can do what I please with. After having jobs pretty much since I was 14 (okay, up until I was 18 I was only really working for a couple hours on Saturdays assistant teaching karate not really a REAL job, but hey, it was $20 a week for me to do what I wanted with...including dying my hair hot pink and shocking violet, much to the chagrin of my parents LOL) having money of my own is something that I miss.

So, that's pretty much it for always I've managed to write more than I originally intended. So, insh'Allah I'll be back with some good/thoughtful posts (and insh'Allah some videos too!) once I have regular internet again. See you all soon, insh'Allah, take care!


  1. Sallam Allaykum,
    I know what you mean about the internet deal. I am in Fes and when my husband and I first moved in here two years ago we had the meditel usb connection that constantly needed charging and randomly worked. Luckily whe switched to the maroc telecom through the phone, it works MUUUUCH better lol!

  2. Salam Sister,
    I just came across ur blog and really like it, also the fact that u r livin in my home country, I'm also Moroccan, but livin in Germany :)

    Hope u like Casa :)

  3. great to know you're doing fine and your stomach is fine too! :-) .

  4. @Safya:
    Wa alaikum salaam! That's exactly what we're using right now...the Meditel usb modem...alhamdolillah it tends to work pretty well (although it does occasionally decide that it wants to provide an incredibly slow connection speed), but it's annoying to have to recharge it! Insh'Allah when we move into our own place (right now we're just renting from a relative) we're highly considering the maroc telecom phone connection!

    Wa alaikum salaam! Alhamdolillah I'm glad you stopped by! I'm really liking's been a bit of an adjustment of course, but after almost half a year of being here it has really started to feel like home! Btw I love your fashion sense mash'Allah!

    yes, alhamdolillah it's doing much better...I'm really glad it hasn't been taken that long to heal! ^_^

  5. Sallam again,
    I thought I would add, if you didnt know about there is a american women living in morocco group on yahoo. Its is private and has quite a few members with a lot of women living in casa. I can give you the link to join if you want or you can search for it. I just thought that might be helpful because when I first moved here it can easily get overwhelming so it is nice to talk to others who are in the same situation.

  6. I just sent ya the email with the link!